ISO 22000 is the replica of ISO 9000 and is an International standard organization dealing with the safety of food. There is a possibility of occurrence of food borne problems at the time of consumption of food. So necessary control is to be implemented to develop the standard of food items in an efficient way. Thus ISO 22000 was formed to standardize the food safety and to reduce the food hazards.

Principles of ISO 22000 standard

There are some specifications of framed by the ISO 22000 International standard regarding food safety administration. They are

• Effective communication among the events
• Administration of food system
• Predetermined programs
• Ethics of Hazard analysis and critical control points

ISO 22000 Expert reviews

ISO 22000 Expert had conducted numerous reviews on the above food elements. It is decided that there should be an essential communication along the food chain to recognize the related food safety hazards and to control those hazards at every stage of the food chain with enough precautions. This means that there should be an effective communication between upper class and lower class streams and the organizations in the food chain. There should also an effective communication between the customers and the food suppliers to identify the food safety hazards to get rid of the issues regarding the food safety hazards.

Essentials of effective communication

It is essential to identify the role of the organization for effective communication throughout the food chain. This will enable the food suppliers to offer the customer superior quality of foodstuff and can avoid the food safety hazards. The maximum advantages can be obtained by establishing the systems of food protection, running the system and updating the system within the structure of the system administration. There will be an ease the compatibility of ISO 22000 with ISO 9001 standard. ISO 22000 can act independently or act with the present administration system needs.

A centralized kitchen of a very large chain of restaurants was certified for ISO 22000. The ISO 22000 standard was certified by a renowned certification body. The restaurant offers fresh food at all its outlets. The kitchen is used to cook both veg and non-veg food.

The consultancy and documentation support of ISO 22000 was provided by Dr. Shaktidhar Nayak of Global Quality Services. His number is 9845313910 and email