looking at ChenJie again two eyes, ChenJie this boy, usually think about him all have a little fiddle around, the floating in the corners of the mouth of less encouraging smile always make life hate. But every time in a pinch, he convergence up his badly smile, there is a kind of let a person awe-struck majesty, this kind of person, give the devil his due, it is when a manager material…

“Yang manager, please speak.” Hou approached he said, will he from meditation in wake up with a start, he looked at the venue, and every pair of eyes were looking at him, he cleared his throat, full of emotion said: “soloing christian louboutin sale comrade flush out four fingers, I and your mood is same, heartache!” Yang manager raised his right hand shake the sway: “five fingers in a split second, not four. Flesh, bones, let the fuzzy I now have creepy, willies. Out of such a disabled accident, all of which one will not sad, not sad. Today we held this accident analysis, is to find out the real cause of the accident, if equipment aging, we will think of a way to update equipment. If improper operation, we will strengthen your operation training. If improper management, we from the management of, be sure to practically and effectively will all kinds of casualty accidents kill in the bud. Everyone has something he said, want to be able to find out the real cause of the accident…”

“This reason also looking for?”  Yang manager’s voice, very angrily said: “soloing if not drunk on press, can occur after the stamping tragedy?”

“After drunk on press.” Yang manager has turned head, looking at hou, the voice a bit tough, “I am not repeating an emphasis on, stamping workers are not allowed to drink production? What is how one and the same, director of the syndrome, can you give me some advice? Say not clear, and today I will back you!”

today this classe, is must find a scapegoat to of, don’t find this scapegoat, he today have to die. He in the heart secretly pray, to find the scapegoat can let Yang manager to accept. So that their smoothly, if can let oneself keep this workshop director seats, is to let his mother Lao tze to do the scapegoat, he also tube not so much the. He set a calming, clarify their thoughts, just call black white said: “soloing drunk operation, this credit should all attributed to ChenJie.”