Hear peach blossom so ask, ChenJie catch beer bottles hand a little trembling, his expression seems to have a kind of sad, there is a suspect weight. He nodded slowly, tone with a kind of intense remorse: “this kind of accident is should not happen, is completely avoided.”

“Why, can say to me listen to?” Peach of curiosity.

“It is caused by drunken mount guard.” ChenJie with a kind of intense remorse, a kind of have no the vent grief and indignation: “that day I to shop to help them solve the four drawing a crack, he didn’t think they ate clouds night will drink, if I was more careful, again remind them not to drink production, will not happen……”

“But you are just in the workshop of a idle technicians! This responsibility how also push less than your head to?”

ChenJie lift bottle, bottle of wine as a drink, his eye is a little red, maybe he wants to lend wine to douse the heart that a shares can’t vent grievances, for a moment, he just slowly said: “this year, I’m from a technical authority to a idle technicians, in the heart is really hiding a stream of complaint, we feel that this is a victim of state-owned enterprises, I began to destruction and indulgence, and don’t want to mbt shoes clearance purser, but I would not think of, those who press brother, he is my brother! They all stay I don’t thin! I have to constantly reminded them, press is a fierce big tiger!……”

“I didn’t expect you to this rascal, still so sentient beings have righteousness!” Peach blossom raised his glass, convergence up face smile, revealing a full face of respect, way: “ChenGong, I respect you the affectionate as rascal!”

In ChenJieCong sad looked up, looking at the peach blossom, suddenly aware of yourself in a saw two times before the girl, things seem to be said too much, though the girl now to his said a little respect, but no guarantee wait a minute will be laughed at his sentimentality, this age girl can understand? Is not superficial is simple, can you expect they understand their own life experience? Thought of here, he no longer say what, from the table grabbed another bottle of beer, blunt peach blossom sway the sway, on the face and restore the let a person and love and hate smile: “the rascal don’t need to respect, or I wish you, every day is beautiful a percentage!”

Thank you!” Peach blossom sincerely said, gently put the cup of wine took a sip. Looking at the sight of the boy, she suddenly feel he has a new understanding, this boy, sentient beings have righteousness, have the courage to take responsibility. This boy, now with through  rarely see arrived, social atmosphere reduced to now this point, no of people (especially youth) are willing to bear the responsibility of, have a thing, always put the fault to push others, and this seemingly cynicism, seemingly scampish boy, in his skin, blood, flow with a man of courage, that is the courage to assume responsibility. This is the rare valuable quality, this kind of boys, only trusted. She used a kind of admiration eyes staring at the ChenJie, with a thoughtful tone of voice asked: “that you will have any plan?”

“No matter,” he said. ChenJie face returned to 12 a insouciance: “muddle along, mix to the company closed that day to say again.”