Soil heating, also known as geothermal energy, is a renewable energy which is generated from the natural heat of earth. It is a natural process when rain water gets into the earth and creates various pools and rivers there. When this stored underground water makes contact with magma, it gets heated up. There is no use of this heat. This heat is used in a constructive way to produce soil heating or Geo thermal energy. The heat is further utilized through heat pumps or power plants. It may used to produce electricity in massive amount. Soil heating is also widely used as heating air and water solution in extremely cold and hot areas.

Almost every energy source causes pollution. According to a research, contribution of fossil fuels in global warming is vital. Geo thermal or soil heating is a clean and environmental friendly type of energy. There is no requirement of any kind of fuel to produce energy from the heat of earth. Unlike other sources, it does not produce any unhealthy chemical or offer any sort of emissions. It utilizes natural heat of the earth through highly developed heat pumps. Thus, it gives clean energy without affecting the environment. Power plants are established on a large scale to produce electricity, but for domestic heating solutions, heat pumps can be installed in both residential and commercial buildings. This energy is produced by the source coming from the earth which never ends, so one can use it throughout one’s life.

It is a pure, healthy and clean energy. There is no harm of this energy on anybody’s health. The heat pumps are installed underground so it is safe as well. Heat air which is produced by earth never contains any bad aroma. So, it makes and maintains the comfort of house all the time. This energy has no effect of outer or polluted air so it keeps everything in the house healthy and pollution free. In order to get soil heating solution at your place, you need to invest on set up only. Consequently, it is an economical way to arrange heat air and heat water for the house. Once, you install a heating system in the building you will surely notice drastic change in the amount of your electricity bill.

Through soil heating system, heat water and heat air can be arranged for the whole building. It is a cost effective and great option for both commercial and residential buildings. According to the weather, it can be used for both hot and cold water and air. Heating systems can be easily installed in schools, government departments, offices and other buildings as they work in all buildings regardless their size. To enhance the comfort, it can be used in houses and residential apartments as well.  Apart from the installation rates, maintenance and repairing costs of heating systems are also very minimal.  The operating and installation cost of soil heating system is very low. It varies from one place to another within a country according to the area of installation.



Jordvarme is a never ending resource to produce electricity. Owing to its countless benefits, it is widely used in almost every corner of the world.