ChuYuan looking at my figure, cold face appear light smile, restore later indifferencAh? !I guess, that I say with you, your heart since can not let go her, went to her, inwardly deciding an issue, it will only hurt to you the more deep, so damage it will only be yourself, not be to one’s profit! “In order to get away, I sincerely say these words,”…… You still let me go. ”

ChuYuan went to the room entrance  steps to stop, “a small west. You needless to say so many words. I’m not going to let you go.” Said firmly.

I look into ugly, catch hair, mood fantod.

His voice continued to spread, “a small west, back to the room to sleep.”

In my doubts opened the big eye, behind him and complement 1.

“Tomorrow, go to the beach!”

That night, stubborn like him, still not willing to mbt shoes clearance let go of me, I’m going crazy. ChuYuan he really make the person has no language.

In the morning, I saw that he himself in and gypsum, I yes go in the past, “you won’t hurt? The doctor said can tear open it, went to the hospital to let the doctor look at it.”

“Care for me?” His face up to my in front, thick eyebrows a young,  has a look forward to, but I’m partial do not say, “it is one I will say so.”

Sure enough, his expectations light down, a dark eyes, and then rapidly to eyes on my eyes, can use persecuted for, “have to care about me!”

I’m a face of amazed, beer than I expected, one of my face turn to one side, escape to open the banter to serious eyes, but with the hand by someone head shift a position, his lips picking at it in my lip slip, I haven’t reaction over time, he walked towards the sitting  room poured himself a glass of water.

A face of innocence of looking at me, “a small west. Good stuff.”

“Things?” I suddenly remembered that he had said today go to the beach, “oh. Now I go to!” His decision is always come without rhyme or reason, all I know after after sleep.