Stop saying “I want marriage but my boyfriend isn’t ready to propose” and start saying “I want marriage but I am playing it smart until he comes to his senses.” In my next article, I look forward to providing you with some clues on how to make a man want to marry you.

If you want your man to get impressed with you enough to marry you then you have to be a cool and spontaneous person with whom he can share some common interests and have a good time.

What I Consider To Be The Right Ways To Encourage Him To Marry You (Hint: It Involves No Manipulation And Focuses On Strengthening Your Bond And His Need For You)If you were to ask happily engaged men what nudged them toward proposing, they will usually tell you with glowing eyes that they adore their fianc and never want to be without her. They will tell you that she makes him want to be a better men and that she makes each day better than the next.

Guys, while they do have feelings, they don’t necessarily put two and two together in that same fashion. They can feel love for you, but there needs to be something more. Not that he understands what the “something more” is. He only knows that just because he loves you, it doesn’t automatically add up to a ring and forever.

Having a boyfriend is not enough. You want more and want him to marry you now. But how do you impress your man enough to get him to marry you. Here is what you should do if you want him to may you.

Make your man feel like he is in a free relationship. There should be no calling ten times a day or a thousand messages asking him what he is up to etc. Also boys night or his alone time should not be an issue for you.

Is ready to meet your family – If your man has started showing interest in meeting your family and relatives, it clearly tells that he wants to take the relationship to the next level. If he asks you to meet his family, it is a sure shot sign that he wants to marry. Meet his family and get him to meet your family and get ready for the big day soon.

Do not set an ultimatum for your man to marry you. That’s because these women are afraid and don’t know what’s really happening with their man.
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