While few tourists actually buy stuff from these floating general stores, they’re often keen to try the fresh seafood. At floating fish-farms visitors can feast on recently-live squid, shrimp, crabs, fish, and even French fries – all at decent prices, if they know how to bargain! The floating seafood markets in Cua Van and Van Gia villages get a lot of business.

Elibandha Talab is a lake which is located on the GE Road. It is also a place where most of the religious rites of Hindus are carried out. The Civil Lines is the city’s highest security zone where most of the IAS officers and Indian government officials stay. Hotel Babylon is a 5 star hotel and is possibly the best hotel in the city.

Trade, mining and tourism have brought wealth Ha Long City, and the town’s residents have found interesting ways to spend money and encourage visitors so. Few places in Vietnam offer as many kinds of marketplaces as Ha Long.

Every season brings its own benefits to Seville. In the spring there is the orange blossom and the events. Summer is very hot but, as many Sevillanos escape to the coastline for a couple of weeks in July and August, it makes for a quieter, roomier city. Even in winter the temperatures remain quite a bit higher than those in the UK, which means it’s a beautiful proposition for a winter break, too. ‘Sultry, brooding and exotic,’ as John Cornelius describes the city, it’s difficult not to envy those lucky Sevillanos more-ish cuisine and culture.

There was a strong anti-Roman tradition in the early Church. Rome was the harlot city soaked in the blood of the saints, the centre from which spread out wave after wave of persecution. The Book of Revelations’ gloating vision of the coming ruin of Rome, ‘Fallen, fallen, is Babylon the great’ (Revelations 14:8), remained a persistent strand so long as the empire continued to persecute the church, and survived even into the Middle Ages (Duffy, Eamon. Saints & Sinners: A History of the Popes. Yale University Press, New Haven (CT), 2002, pp.2,6).

Babylon was a real city. A real empire. Bible students recall how this great power was used by God to come against His own people, Israel. But Babylon overstepped its bounds and allowed pride to enter the mix. God vowed that Babylon would have to go. And go it did, right? Again, slow down. It ain’t necessarily so.

Going to Jerusalem is like taking a step back in time, to a day when camels and donkeys were the most common means of transportation. It was a time when life was simpler. Families and religions were important. Marketplaces on the streets, fishing in the Sea of Galilee, walking the places where men from the Bible walked – it’s fascinating to young and old alike.

Now the swine has never been sanctified by the word of God. And I am merely singling out swine as it is probably the most commonly eaten unclean meat. But just by looking at the passage we can see that God is not referring to meat that were created to be bottom feeders and that are unclean.

As the kings gather, many things will happen at about the same time. He felt anxious but he had waited for millennia, and he could wait one hour.