Did you know that when your boyfriend broke up with you he was using psychology? He might not have known it but he was pushing your emotional hot buttons in a way that made you desperate to get him back. As long as you were sure of him you took him for granted, but when he walked away from you, it made you willing to do anything to get him back.

Depending on how long you have been broken up, Just calm yourself and minimize contact with your ex boyfriend. Act as if nothing has happened when you are having a conversation with him. Don’t show him that you are angry, hurt and that he should feel sorry for you. You may be asking yourself whats wrong in telling him that he has hurt you. Well the major reason that you are still interested in him is what would make it a wrong idea to try to make him feel sorry for you.

To make your ex boyfriend want you again, you have to make him miss you so bad he can’t resist you. That won’t be possible if you are continually in his face, begging and pleading. He can only miss what he thinks he has lost. That is why you are so desperate to get your ex boyfriend back. When he walked away from you, you thought he was gone for good.

His Emotional State – The reason why these methods don’t work is because of your ex boyfriend’s emotional state. Right now just about anything that comes from you is going to be suspect and tainted with your desire to get back together. Being nice, for instance, will be scrutinized and he will be like a rabbit looking for a trap. There simply isn’t anything that you can do to get him to see your point of view while he has this mental block against everything that you say or do.

Stop and think for a minute. If thinking you have lost him forever can make you miss your ex boyfriend and be desperate to get him back, why can’t you make him feel the same way? Your answer might be ‘but he broke up with me, so why would he miss me?’ The answer to that is – because you are going to do some things that will make him miss you and become desperate to have you back.

Some people says that the good method of doing this is to take a seat having a pen and paper and write a letter to your ex boyfriend. Inside the letter mention the fantastic experiences both of you had together, all of the painful situations you experienced, and anything else you wanted to tell him, but never had the opportunity too.

So when will you get your ex boyfriend back? Every relationship is different and depending on the reason for your ex breaking up with you there’s no crystal ball to tell you when he’ll be coming back into your life. If your breakup was due to infidelity then it could take much longer for healing and forgiveness to take hold. If you had a good relationship and you were together for a while, it will probably take less time to get to the heart of the breakup and see if your boyfriend is ready to forgive, forget and get back together.

Pull yourself together and stop making a fool of yourself with him because this will not help you win him back for good. Try to keep any communication with him if any to a minimum. Be civil. No groveling is allowed. No tears and false promises are allowed. In order to get your ex boyfriend back, you are going to have to embrace being rational and calm at all times. The more you practice, the easier it will be.

Talk everything through in the cool light of day, and present your point of view. Never sleep with a friend of his as a way to get back at him.
how to get your ex boyfriend back