Fossil fuels have provided electrical power and heat, in addition to gas for our autos, for decades. Were using substantially larger amounts than ever before, so its no wonder that people question if well use up the supplies. Certainly, it is difficult to tell just how much is available since the majority is still underground and it is not easy to determine who is telling the truth. It is true, that the pollution that is caused from using fossil fuels is causing problems for the planet. By choosing environment friendly sources of energy, people can help to build a better environment.

Perhaps it is hard to convert from fossil fuels to green energy right away, but even learning to use them together will start to make things better. Though its certainly possible that we dont have enough green energy to meet all the worlds energy needs, we certainly must do something rather than nothing. Imagine how our world would change if hybrid vehicles replaced those fueled by petrol. Every time a motor vehicle uses an alternative fuel, less pollution is produced. Nothing harmful is produced by the different green energy sources, like hydro-power, wind, solar, geothermal or wave, and the planet doesnt get any negative effects from them.

When energy is provided by a nuclear power plant or coal, the opposite happens. Using coal emits carbon dioxide into the air, which might seem insignificant unless you consider the fact that there are 50,000 coal plants worldwide. In the future, additional coal plants will be constructed and so the problem will increase. So long as there are no problems, nothing damaging is released into the air from nuclear power plants, but nuclear wastes still need to be taken care of. If an accident occurs, many problems are going to follow. Although green energy sources can have difficulties, on the whole they dont cost as much to keep running and can save money in overall operating expenses.

One key benefit of green energy sources is that they are limitless. In case the sun ever stops shining, very little else is going to matter very much. A lot of places are not really windy but yet there are other places that are always windy and so wind power is a good option for these places. When the fossil fuels are depleted, something else will have to be used, so why not begin right now, instead of leaving the problem for the next generation. The answers for resolving the energy problems are out there, but for whatever reason, even with all the talk, not much has gotten done.

Unless were ready to take steps to improve things, theres no point in repeatedly talking about environmental concerns and alternative fuel sources. More than likely, nothing will happen if we leave it up to the individual. It will only happen the moment governments and big businesses make it happen.

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