ranks, and the reasons for this augmentation are two-fold, inasmuch as not only are more young people turning to angling for the initial sport in their careers, but hundreds of hard-bitten golfers, no longer able to use the courses owing to these being required for other purposes, are seeking a fresh recreation by the water-side. Further, pollution is restric. True Religion Outlet jeans cheap ting considerably the chances to wet a line, as, unhappily, some streams which, in the days of my youth, were crystal waters fit to drink, are now little better than open sewers. Again, many rivers which I can remember as holding excellent heads of fish are at th.  e present time nearly denuded of their rightful inhabitants as the results of poaching and the capture of immature fish. I have, again and again, seen men, men who should have known better, bag brown trout much below the takable limit, also parr. Why these rodsters act against. True Religion Outlet online   jeans their own interests is an insolvable mystery to me, especially as 2O CATCHING THE WILY SEA-TROUT the ethics of true sportsmanship are based on honesty of purpose and consideration for other followers of the game. Another dif.   ficulty with which prospective anglers have to contend is the disinclination of certain local fishermen to afford information concerning the rivers which they fish. Much to the annoyance of some of these indi- viduals whose one standard is personal interest, I have refused to be muz. True Religion Outlet zled and, for the benefit of angling friends and others, I have, without fear or favour, reviewed the merits of various waters as they have appealed to me. Years ago I was approached by several anglers who requested me not to mention the river which they fished. They said that they desired to keep the water for their sole use and to be free of visitors. My answer, at once, was to the effect that I could not entertain such a selfish suggestion. My explanation of my refusal was that I had always supplied information which I considered would be useful to the readers of the angling press and that I could not see my way clear to depart from my usual procedure. The members of this pettifogging clique were most chagrined at my reception of their entre