Limestone is very common in architecture. Limestone has lots of uses, including as building material,impact crusher manufacturer, as aggregate to produce the foot of roads, as white-colored pigment or filler in products for instance mouthwash or offers, to ensure that like a chemical feedstock.In construction, crushed limestone may be used becoming an aggregate in concrete mixes. The limestone binds this mix together if the solidifies. Almost 60% of crushed limestone can be used aggregate in highway concrete and asphalt.

In recent years, with the sharp increase of the cement plant and desulphurization project in power plant, limestone becomes the main raw material of construction and industry owing to its good functionality. With the deepening of the awareness of resource protection, the efficient mining of limestone has become an important means to achieve sustainable development in future.

However, in order to meet environmental protection and ecological balance, especially with the continuously improvement and implementation of small town construction planning, available cement limestone mining becomes less and less, so economizing exploitation and utilization will be an important step to ensure the sustainable development of China’s cement industry.

A responsible officer in cement plant discloses that cement plant is still using the traditional crusher mining and crushing limestone mine in current; due to the low performance of equipment, it cannot meet the requirement that one-time achieving cement raw material particles in post-production, and they have no alternative but to couple with a device in the cement raw materials breaking line to do secondary crushing, which costs much capital. To a service-oriented brand integrity,As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, lik

Hongxing machine launches a large-scale single-stage hammer crusher, which goes though years of research and development and specifically targeted at the characteristics of the cement plant limestone. The most outstanding feature is that it achieves disposable breaking, and the particle is very suitable for later using, eliminating later investment. The crusher is equipped with high efficiency and strong wear resistance hammer which can fight limestone rock with high silica content.

Once the Impact Crusher works,impact crusher equipment manufacturers, the motor drives the rotor rotate within the Impact Crusher wealthy in speed, across the rotor where installed the hammers. Once the materials go into the location the hammers affect, underneath the impact reason behind the hammer in the high-speed, materials are tossed for that impact device inside the rotor continuously. Therefore the materials are rebounded inside the impact lining for that area in which the hammers effects being re-crushed. Materials from large to small all being crushed inside the impact chamber frequently. The procedure will not stop as much as the material are crushed for that needed size then released from outlet within the Impact Crusher.