Massive lighting is a must in online business. Too many would be successful entrepreneurs and home based business owners focus on the age old adage “quality over quantity.”
Quick Mass Income

This does not hold true in the home based business industry.  When dealing with online marketing and advertising, QUANTITY occurs QUALITY.

Let me give you an example. You go to a lead source with the intention of buying leads, and given a choice. You can use a phone verified interviewed 20 highly targeted leads for $ 30, or you can order 15 000 30 days old auto responder leads for $ 30. On the surface of the 20 highly targeted leads like a better deal. Because you have 20 people who appear to be already waiting to buy, and they are just waiting for your call or email.

In this online business is simply not true. The fact of the matter is all of these lead lists are sold and resold countless times. It does not matter who you lead provider, chances are the list of leads you ordered are sold at least 5 or 6 times.

Some companies will claim that this is not the case with their particular brand of leads, they only sell their lists two or three times to individual companies, and this may be true. ‘THEY’ might not have sold the lists several times, but the provider used them for sure. And for this reason alone, quantity is more important than quality when dealing with such contacts.

A $ 3, 10 question phone verified interviewed will lead as well as performing a 3 cents auto responder bulk lead under these conditions, and the results will only become clear through a huge amount of contacts and playing the numbers game.

Your goal in this industry must always mass exposure. Trying to find the most promotional bang for your buck to get an audience. All advertising means that you decide to use their bulk purchasing leads or pay for PPC advertising, you want your product to perform for an audience. So make sure you buy any leads, and each PPC provider you choose to take advantage of, helps you in terms of mass EXPOSURE.

The most successful online marketers will use a wide range of mass exposure tools. Including e-mail, traffic exchanges, PPC, Podcasting, articles etc. Everything will bring the most traffic to their websites. Not necessarily the most focused.

Now do not get me wrong, targeted traffic is great. But getting guaranteed targeted traffic can be both time consuming and expensive. At the end of the day with highly targeted traffic you could see an improvement in conversion only.5% – 1%, for a price of a few thousand dollars. So unless you have huge capital investment, go for the ‘highly targeted’ variant of the traffic is not always worth it.

What about PPC (pay per click) vs. traffic Traffic Exchange traffic for home based business?

In all honesty I believe traffic exchange traffic is superior to PPC traffic when you use the PPC’s just for a number of reasons. First of all traffic exchange free traffic, you can save thousands of targeted visitors every day directly to your website at no cost. If you are using a PPC, the costs can be astronomical. Lead capture the traffic exchanges is very effective, you can pretty much count on an opt-in for every 700 visitors to your website. In a PPC, the same blend, but you will pay anywhere from.5 cents to 25 cents per visitor, sometimes even more. Which can make PPC advertising impractical.

PPC advertising does not meet the requirement of “mass-exposure ‘, again your sacrifice quantity for quality and that idea never works very well online. Could a good cheap PPC campaign help your business? Sure. But it must be a tool in your arsenal , and a small tool. If you are planning to sell your website through PPC advertising, the cost can quickly outweigh the gains.