That night, the two brothers hunted in the town of Mill Valley in Marin County. The area was beautiful, small mountains teeming with strapping, healthy evergreen and eucalyptus trees. The redwood house was maybe a hundred yards ahead, up a steep, rocky slope that they climbed with ease. A brick walkway led to an entryway with double wooden doors.
‘We have to go away for a while.’ William spoke without turning around to Michael. ‘We have a mission from the Sire. San Francisco was just the start.’
‘That’s excellent,’ Michael said, and he began to smile. ‘I enjoyed what went down there very much. Who are these montblanc marlene dietrich fountain pen people, the ones in the big, fancy house?’
William shrugged. ‘Just prey. The/re nobody.’
Michael began to pout. ‘Why won’t you tell me who they are?’
‘The Sire said not to talk, and not to bring the cat.’ Michael asked no further questions. His obedience to the Sire was complete.
The Sire told you how to think, feel, and act.
The Sire was accountable to no one, to no other authority.
The Sire despised the straight world, as did they. This definitely looked like the’straight world’. The large house had all the trappings: gardens tended and watered daily; a small pond filled with koi; several layers of terraces leading up to a large house with over a dozen rooms – for just two people. How  obnoxious could anyone be?
William walked right in the front door and Michael followed. The foyer had a twenty-foot ceiling, a ridiculous crystal chandelier, a spiral staircase to heaven.
They found the couple in the kitchen, preparing a late meal, both of them sharing the preparations like the goodie-goodies that they were. ‘Yuppies at play,’William said, and smiled.
‘Whoa!’ the male said, and threw up both of his hands. He was close to six-four and well-built. He was working like kitchen help at the vegetable sink. ‘What the hell do you guys think you’re doing? Let’s take it outside.’