Year – 2018;
Writed by – Ari Aster;
tomatometers – 7,9 of 10;
Directed by – Ari Aster;
Drama, Mystery

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Sometimes too slow-paced, I was completely absorbed by this movie even in the slowest segments. I had to catch breath once in a while, because the acting and the writing are so great that I was feeling the emotions of the characters, during all of the sequences, totally involved in the atmosphere.
I loved the fact that the horror elements were all there, laid in front of my eyes, sometimes subtly, without jumping out of nowehere accompanied by a deafening sound jolt just to give me a cheap scare.
The ending left me in the same way left the character in the final sequence. speechless. The best horror movie I ever watched.

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Crushing sense of dread. The twists and turns in the plot are excellent. The story is truly horrifying. Not recommended for people who want a fun time with jump scares. This movie is like Rosemary’s Baby turned up to 11. Don’t think I’ll ever watch it again, but in a way I feel that’s a compliment to the filmmaker.
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