The high performance hydraulic cone crusher produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a kind of crushing equipment which is very popular in its users. This hydraulic Cone Crusher not only learned from the advantages of spring Cone crusher, but also used the hydraulic system, improving the most vexing phenomenon – “stuffy car”.
The “stuffy car” phenomenon of crushing equipment means the material clogging in the inner space of crushing equipment, causing the abnormal discharging or abnormal work of crushing equipment. If this situation can not be solved in time, it will cause the damage of the crushing equipment. Due to various reasons, even through the coarse crushing by Jaw crusher and the intermediate crushing by Impact crusher, there will still be some big materials becoming the “escaped criminal”, and if we can not clear it up before it arriving at the discharge port of the cone crusher, the phenomenon of “stuffy car” may appear. With the unique structure, the “stuffy car” phenomenon appears in the crushing cavity of cone crusher, the relatively big material will be stuck dead in the crushing cavity. If it is the spring crusher, to deal with clogged stone must open the head cover of cone crusher and then remove the clogging material or crushing it into a suitable shape manually. This process will waste a long time. Because of this blockage, the entire production line will be disrupted, and the longer the stopping time is, the larger the economic loss is. However, for the hydraulic cone crusher, when this problem appears, the hydraulic Cone crusher will automatically take clogging material into top, changing a place to make the stone enter the crushing chamber. If not, the hydraulic cone crusher can jack up the head cover and the materials which make the worker easily remove the clogging material to ensure the normal operation of the cone crusher. In this case, the material clogging phenomenon is reduced greatly, and the economic loss is also reduced greatly. Therefore, this is one of the most important reasons that a lot of users select the hydraulic cone crusher.
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