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The very first nation in the whole world featuring its very own telephone number. Get linked to a random swede and talk about any such thing.

The number that is swedish now closed.

Many Thanks everybody whom called Sweden. In total the globe spoke to random Swedes for over a year. Scroll right down to see more data from the 79 times it had been available.


250 years back, in 1766, Sweden became the country that is first the planet to introduce a constitutional legislation to abolish censorship. To honour this anniversary, Sweden happens to be the first country in the whole world to introduce its very own contact number. Call today to get attached to a random swede, any place in Sweden and explore what you want.


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since April 6, 2016




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That is behind The number that is swedish?

Sweden’s Tourist Association. We should spark people’s desire for Sweden – our tradition, mind and nature set. To aid us try this, we possess the folks of Sweden.

Who answers whenever I call?

Every person whom lives in Sweden has the capacity to register being an ambassador. You will be connected to a random Swede when you call. The possibilities you are linked to the exact same Swede twice are tiny – so that you have a fresh part of Sweden each time you call.

Just how much does it price?

The phone call may be charged being a call that is international. You have to consult your phone operator exacltly what the calling rate for Sweden is. This will depend on the interaction provider and lots of facets such as for example individual calling plans and time of time. Your call will strat to get charged whenever you are attached to Sweden. If you’re calling from a single associated with the neighborhood figures (see in case the country is regarding the list) the decision would be charged being a call that is local.

Is my contact number provided?

You may be entirely anonymous as well as your number that is private is provided. All phone telephone calls are routed through a switchboard.

Exactly why is no swede answering when I’m calling?

1. Many individuals are calling and there’s no Swede available. 2. Sweden is resting. We have been within the GMT+1 time area. 3. If the swede that is first are linked to struggles to respond to, you may immediately link to a different Swede and another until somebody responses. 4. It’s the day that is last of at 8.00 pm, and all sorts of Swedes are busy viewing bonfires all over the nation.

Exactly just What time area is Sweden in?

Sweden is within the GMT+1 time area, you are invited to call at when, but we may be asleep.

How exactly does it work?

Whenever some body outside of Sweden calls The number that is swedish a phone switchboard arbitrarily connects the decision up to a Swede someplace in Sweden.

Just how do I say Hello in Swedish?

Merely state “Halla! ” or “Hej! “

Would be the telephone telephone calls recorded?

Telephone Calls through The Swedish quantity may be recorded.