Of all of the tablet computers to come out on the market this year, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the best. Many consumers around the world use tablet computers, a fairly new product on the techie scene. Many people that own them have them for leisurely purposes. In fact, they are not designed for work but for people that are on the go or students at college. Samsung Galaxy Tab is a very good product, but how does it stand up against the competition? Lets find out.

Many people complained years ago when the iPad first came out that it did not have a camera built-in. Tablets today have cameras, something that is standard with most of them. In regard to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, it has two cameras, so you will definitely not be lacking! Theres both a back and front facing camera. The front facing camera, which is 2-megapixel, is for Google Talk video chat. A three megapixel camera is what you get with the rear facing. You can take pics in your home or outside. It is totally up to you! Professional quality videos and photos cannot be taken with these cameras, yet the resolution is good enough for sharing things that you see.

There are already several apps pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy Tab and, of course, you can add many more. Are you a music lover? Then, youll appreciate the millions of songs available to you, from numerous artists, on Slacker Radio. You wont have a problem listening to your favorite genre of music with over 100 stations from which to choose. You have many choices on how you set up your preferences for Slacker Radio so it is optimized to your likes and dislikes. If you want to know more about your favorite bands and singers, you will find numerous reviews and biographies on Slacker Radio. Slacker Radio – the free version – isnt ad free. If you pay a small monthly charge, though, you can enjoy the upgraded Slacker Radio Plus.

Another feature on the Samsung Galaxy Tab is Internet access. Some models provide WiFi, others a 3G network connection. The most reliable option, according to some consumers, is to use the 3G version through the Sprint network. Although WiFi does work, it does not work as well as it once did. The main problem is a system crash and the Internet disappears. The Galaxy Tab 3G does not have these problems, which is why it is a more coveted version. You can find some deals that combine Sprint service with the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy Tab, but you will then have to sign a contract. Since the 3G network through Sprint outperforms WiFi, as of right now, choosing Sprint is your best option if you want to get the Galaxy Tab.

Of all the tablets on the market today, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the newest. If youre interested in one of these devices, you should do some research and see how the different brands compare in terms of price, features and overall reputation. Even though the Samsung Galaxy Tab may not be the best choice for all; because of the many characteristics and low price, it should at least be considered.

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