Markus Heitkoetter wrote “The Complete Guide To Day Trading” as a hands-on guide for everybody who is interested in day trading. The book is available in paperback and also on your Kindle.

Every day, billions of dollars change hands in the markets, presenting an opportunity for traders to participate in the ups and downs of the markets – and hopefully make money. However, trading is a risky business, so Markus has created a three-part guide that covers the basics of trading as well as the actual process a person needs to follow if he wants to play “the game of games” and start trading the markets.

Markus has been a professional day trading coach for many years, and he presents the material in a structured way and simplifies the complexity of day trading. Anyone interested in learning how to trade will benefit from reading “The Complete Guide To Day Trading.”

“The Complete Guide To Day Trading” Features:

– There are 296 pages to the book

– The format is Paperback and Kindle

– The language of the book is English

– The book dimensions are 6 x 9 x 0.6 inches

The 3-Part Guide to Day Trading

Part 1 covers day trading basics including how to get started, e.g. how much money you need, how much money you can expect to make with day trading, how to determine your risk tolerance, what kind of computer and software you need and more.

Part 2 explains systematically how to develop a trading strategy:

1.) Selecting a Market

2.) Selecting a Timeframe

3.) Selecting a Trading Approach

4.) Defining Entry Points

5.) When To Exit a Trade

In short: You get a complete overview of the process on developing your own trading strategy. In the final chapter of Part 2 Markus teaches “The 10 Power Principles”. You can use these power principles as a checklist to ensure your trading system actually works.

Part 3 covers the secrets to day trading success. Markus explains why there is more to trading than just having a trading strategy and the seven mistakes of traders and how to avoid them. One of the most powerful chapters of the book is the last chapter of Part 3 in which Markus shows you how to start trading without risking a single penny.

What do buyers think about “The Complete Guide To Day Trading?”

Those who love the book appreciate the great length the author goes to give details about how to be a day trader. They have benefited from the contents of the book as well as from the trading plan template, bonus materials available from the author’s website and from the resources at the end of the book.

Critics of the book think that Markus tried to cover too much material, which can be overwhelming especially to the new trader.

You can purchase “The Complete Guide To Day Trading” from Amazon.