The two men. Action, and the world is almost, and no one can system.

TangZi dust kung fu although high they a line. But to seize them, making them to death is not possible.

XuanYang this man, all this is very clear. So he didn’t dare to kill some of the senior members of the tang dynasty door. Walton, Morgan can do things that land, his natural confidence can do that, even if TangZi dust in front, he also.

“A true extremely superior, determined to real desperate. The common assassination to gang members, including the extent of its devastation, miss tang must have clear. Today in nanyang, wang chao and not with TangZi miss dust you, seems to prevent I  people go.”

XuanYang continue spoke, casually, are looking for the best chance of fighting, with the spirit of the language TangZi disturbance dust gap, then suddenly moves, struck shelly. Easy to leave.

Although he casual talk. But the spirit is improved to a psychological vertex, with his fist to physical, the mental state, natural feel TangZi dust is strong. But now he is not prepared to and TangZi dust do confrontation, but kill shelly.

His language also full indicate this. Besides TangZi dust  is taller than him even if kung fu, have to protect the drag burden, and in his hand with the possible.

Sometimes, for ace for, people will not necessarily more powerful, more of a hindrance than a person.

Now is such circumstances.

So. XuanYang heart confident, still is soaring.

TangZi dust although strong, but in the XuanYang of intelligence agencies, and not to the point of that terrible wang chao.

On the TangZi dust, XuanYang very confident, but not like on that vibram five fingers sale wang chao to die.

“You say is true, a real extremely superior desperate assassination of ordinary people. Indeed can cause great casualties. Especially with the masters, Dan level to not go without casting a shadow.”

Shelly talking.

“Is he?”TangZi dust XuanYang hear words. To any state on all hasn’t changed, just silently say: “I’m curious, Japan’s self-defense forces military intelligence, I also are familiar with, also know that there are a number of masters, but didn’t think, incredibly jumps out aDan strength of the superior to come, this also was a bit of my expectation. But don’t you curious?”


XuanYang smiled.

“You came to the door of the tang dynasty assassination we, but I know in advance, ambush waiting for you to like urn. [reading text version, please go to climb ShuWang] = = = first small said hair, don’t you think you have a problem to intelligence inside?” TangZi dust way.