At present, the economy in Europe get into trouble once again, and its sphere of influence become wider and wider. China’s central bank cut the deposit reserve rate once again, the economical situation no matter at home or abroad is not optimistic. Under the condition of the global economic crisis, for many industries, the 2012 may be a difficult year.
As the old saying going, “the hope is born in the difficulty, and the opportunity is appearing in the adversity.” In fact through the study and research, it is not difficult to find new opportunity during the economic downturn period.
For example, with the acceleration of urbanization process and the advance of small towns’ construction, the disposal of construction waste has become a headache problem around our country. According to the statistics, in the building construction process, per 10 thousand square meters buildings will produce 500 tons to 600 tons of construction waste, and demolishing 10 thousand square meters old buildings will produce 7 thousand tons to 1.2 million tons of construction waste. According to the incomplete statistics, in the urban and rural construction, just demolishing the old building will produce up to 200 million tons of construction waste every year.  This situation is a good chance for the development of the mobile crusher manufacturing industry.
Faced with such a huge construction waste, if the construction can not be dealt with reasonable, it will bring serious consequences to our society as well as to our descendants. With the development of our society, the implementation of the secondary use with the type of “turning the waste into wealth” has emerged as a new kind of energy technology and the transformation of the means for the construction waste.
The recycling of construction waste not only is able to turn the waste into wealth, benefiting mankind, but also saves energy and resources, realizing the clean production, forming the closed circular economy industrial chain, protecting the living environment of human beings, and making our society step into the sustainable developing road. More importantly, as a star industry, the construction waste disposal industry is able to make enterprises achieve economic benefits and social benefits under the poor economic situation, creating the greatest wealth.
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