An island.

Island wet land, the area is small, only a football field size, no biological, only a few strains isolated tree.

In the vast expanse of the endless sea, the island as a drop in the ocean, small cannot little, but the island is small, but makes the shizi is thousand times surprised.

Carrying summer heart yan, came to the island after, above the whole is breathed a sigh of relief from the rest of the joy, only experience person to a profound


Put down the summer heart yan, zhang albitite limbs, face upwards lying in on the side of the island beach, even the finger is don’t want to move.

Too tired.

The days he didn’t rest a moment, have been both ends, pure yuan of almost all run


In this high strength work, iron man also unable, shizi can stick to now, is amazing willpower and the body of the essence of yuan in bitter supports, or early fall.

Summer by his heart yan aside, body side to lie on the beach, is tired.

Two 35 metres apart, looked at her one eye albitite twist, started grin, kid way: “it seems, you even want to innocent dead, afraid that also can’t…….”

Summer is a heart shes face, eye there was a flash, “you dare to”

This time she had a power has not been restored, the body’s breath is disorder, short time cannot use pure yuan, if this time what the heart of irregular albitite gives birth,

she’s really cannot resist the.

Think of the nature of albitite, her heart was with some panic, but face  that kind qingling noble, the eyes

are filled with that threat.

“Ha ha ha” shizi cachinnation.

Summer heart yan gas knot, don’t know exactly what the heart save albitite idea, she clings to the activity the hands and feet, and slightly hard go toward flank slid, and

distance albitite.

Originally had no intention of playing tricks on her albitite, a see her so guard against, in the heart is not up bad state of mind.

The beach, shizi rolling up suddenly, instantly and summer heart of yan close.

In an instant, he and summer heart separated only half a meter shes not, he buckled the eyes, was a heart in the clear summer yan eyes.

A face albitite jokingly looked at her, “run. Here, you can run away? Heart shes ah, you if I play now, you say who-who negative? Well, I remember you said, as long as I’m

better than you, can that what the…?”

“Brazen” summer drink with a cold heart yan, cold face a way: “you don’t leans over or wait me back, will not let you”

“I’d want to to you how, won’t wait until now begin.” Shizi they left the pie mouth, despise

way: “the last time in the YanYu floor, if I have heart, you can still escape not to become?”

“That…… that once, why didn’t you… move me?” Summer is YiZheng heart yan, asked curiously.

In YanYu floor, looking for two albitite brothel owners were threatened Britain luan the girl fall the night, but not defile her to her this time to the understanding of the

above to see, this man is clearly in color the evil spirits, and also some abnormal condition, unexpectedly in the presence of the LingShaoFeng face, the somebody else bride.

So crazy devil, every summer to heart shes remind of, in the heart is vaguely chills.

But in YanYu floor, shizi to meet her permission to clear the appearance, but is not about how she, this for her, is always a mystery.

“Why should I move you?” Look serious some rare albitite, light way: “I am a man, a normal physiological needs, I spend money for girl, I don’t think that brothel

owners were threatened there’s anything wrong with that. As for the ink YanYu, I and her feast plenty, if it weren’t for my girls in her hands, have been killed, so evil-

tempered animal alter-ego woman, fell to my hands, and let her try horrible natural taste. What’s more, the LingShaoFeng also I never fix to mbt moja shoes say the word, and the two langurs swing father, what a suck so!”

Paused for a moment, shizi xia yan heart inclined one eye, “as for you, except in the dead of the marsh, you want to force me to join the summer home let me extremely

uncomfortable, and there is nothing between us outside big hatred. I this person though is not good, but also laid a hand on him, or see objects you feeling I wish, or is and I

have depth, otherwise I won’t fooling around.”

Summer heart yan was silent.

After a long time, summer to heart yan way: “the hope is that as you say.”.