People that are searching for an easy to use DSLR camera may be happy to know that the Nikon D3100 14.2MP Digital SLR Camera has a lot of functionality and promise. Simplicity was definitely considered when making this camera which is capable of taking still shots and videos in most locations. This review will present an unbiased look at the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Nikon D3100.

The lightweight design of the Nikon D3100 makes it extremely convenient to take with you almost anywhere. Right now, whatever is smaller is better. Lightweight devices like smartphones are preferable over anything that is bulky or large. A true camera, the Nikon D3100 has the ability to take pictures like a smartphone, but has more advanced features to take higher quality images. Similar to a smart phone, this device, the Nikon D3100, gives you the convenience of a smaller size but allows you to take fantastic pictures. Individuals that have always used larger cameras may not like using this model right away. Despite this, most people find it very convenient to use this camera since it fits in their pocket and is easy to store. You might not know it, if you have never owned one, but a single-lens reflex or SLR camera has many advantages. Before you take the shot you want, the SLR camera lets you see the image exactly as you capture it. What you see through a viewfinder and what you actually capture are not always the same, and with a non-SLR camera, this is what you have to rely on. Other types of cameras are not nearly as fast at taking pictures as SLR cameras, and that big differences is appreciated by SLR users. How many split second pictures have you lost, which you could have gotten if your camera was an SLR. You will never miss the shot, because you have to focus your camera, and be frustrated again.

As usual, not everyone is happy with the way the Nikon D3100 camera works, but most people like taking pictures with it. The compact size, for example, makes it very convenient to carry around, but some users find it difficult to hold and control. You might not like the compactness of the Nikon D3100, if you prefer a larger camera. The camera has a somewhat flimsy construction, even the buttons, and also a plastic body. Electronic products, especially the less expensive ones, typically come this way, but there aren’t any known design flaws, like parts falling off, with the Nikon D3100. Although using the Nikon D3100 14.2MP Digital SLR Camera can be very easy for a novice, there are professional settings built-in as well for the avid photographer. The best way to start using this camera is to avoid using the DSLR camera settings and use the beginner functionality. After using this camera for several weeks, you should be able to try out a few of the many advanced features available. You can shoot pictures like a professional simply using the basic settings on the Nikon D3100 – try it out today!

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