Sons of Anarchy is the story of the Teller-Morrow family of Charming, California, as well as the other members of Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original (SAMCRO), their families, various Charming townspeople, and the various rivals and associates who undermine or support SAMCRO’s legal and illegal enterprises. Sons of Anarchy follows the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club but also features a number of ally and rival gangs, such as the Mayans, the Calaveras, Devil’s Tribe, the Grim Bastards, the 1-9ers, Nords, True IRA, Aryan Brotherhood (AB’s), and a white separatist group called the League of American Nationalists (LOAN).

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Jackson “Jax” Teller is one member of the SAMCRO brotherhood, who finds his own loyalty to the group tested when he experiences its increasing lawlessness and notoriety, while at the same time adjusting to life as a father. But confusing matters are Jax’s mother and stepfather, two ruthless individuals who happen to be the masterminds behind the club.

Well that certainly opened with a bang. There were many of us in the SAMCRO fandom who feared the series was beginning to lose some of its luster during its meandering third season spent partially in Ireland. But not all who wander are lost — enter Season Four, which had the best cold open of any to date for SOA, and brought things (mostly) local again, focusing on club politics and betrayals (some of them quite severe).

The end of the fourth season was compelling (Jax taking the clubs’s reins with a totally badassed-up Tara in support, a direct callback to Gemma and JT), but what made it even better was all that it set up for Season Five. Clay, The King, is not dead, the club is not rid of outside influences (in this case, the CIA via the Galindo cartel); they’re still running guns and drugs, and the members themselves, and their families, are in constant danger. Though there was no time jump from the end of last year’s run to the start of this one, things are already incredibly busy and incredibly dark. For a reminder of where things left off last year and a look at how things kicked off with the new season, hit the jump.

When we last left the club, Piney was dead by Clay’s hand, Clay had also torn his family apart by putting a hit on Tara, Tig caused drama with the Niners because of Clay’s lies (notice the pattern here), Clay beat up Gemma, and the truth about him killing JT came to light, at least to Jax, Gemma and Tara. In non-Clay news, the CIA / Galindo cartel still needs the deal between SAMCRO and the Irish to go through … which is something that won’t happen without Clay. Sigh.

“Authority Vested” opening touched on nearly all of these elements, or at least the ones that are currently the most dangerous to the club. Despite his desire to make the club pure again, like his father had intended, Jax is still caught up in the mess Clay made for them (and spends his time journalling about it for his sons because not only can the club read, “despite popular belief,” as Chibs said, they can get in touch with their feelings, too).

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