Recent years, with the rapid development of domestic construction cause, sand excavation in river cannot meet the demand of building sand which significantly increases. The development of construction leads to the rapid increasing of building sand. Thus the demand for artificial sand rises accordingly. Artificial sand, also called mechanism sand, is obtained by virtue of processing the rocks or pebble excavated from river way with impact crusher (sand maker)

In terms of mechanism sand technology, Our company is specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing crushing and screening equipment, such as professional crushing machine, mobile crushing plant, large-scale jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand maker, cone crusher, aggregate production line, artificial sand production line and gravel production line. Its products are widely used in such industry as mining, cement, chemical, highway and railway. Especially in the aspect of gravel aggregate production in high-speed highway and railway construction, our company accumulates rich experience and develops gravel aggregate production equipment which is applied in large-scale engineering project with national level.screw classifiers:

The multistage counterattack cavity of impact crusher, manufactured by Henan Hongxing Machinery, has sufficient crushing space to crush large material. The angle of the counter-attack board in impact crusher can be adjusted in order to guarantee a proper angle between the counter-attack and rotor when repeatedly crushing. Thus it contributes to improving the crushing efficiency and reducing the energy consumption in crushing process.

The driving system of impact crusher, developed by Hongxing Machinery, is able to effectively improve the starting energy of motor and keep the machine starting in stable state. Belt-driven method plays a double role in over-load protection; one is reducing its motor power required by driving system, the other is greatly reducing operation cost. This driving schedule is economic and practical as well as safe and reliable.