China has rich mineral resource, but a lot of tailings have to be discharged from beneficiation flowsheet due to the quite low grade of most mineral resources. According to statistics, since 2000, the annual tailing production of China mines has been up to more than 600 million tons. According to this calculation, the total pile volume of current tailings is about 80 million tons. These tailings not only occupy the large area land and pollute the environment of mining and peripheral area which forms security risk but large capital has been spent on tailing warehouse maintenance every year. Consequently, the comprehensive tailings utilization and emission reduction work, which can turn waste into treasure and harm into good, relieve the double pressure of resource and environment.

Tailing is the waste discharged from the ore grinding and dressing process on the precondition of certain economy technology. It is also the major source of industrial solid waste which will do serious harm to environment and regarded as a compound silicate mineral material due to the certain metal and nonmetal mineral in it. So it can be considered as a latent secondary resource with fine granularity and large volume. In other words, tailing has double characters, namely secondary resource and environmental contamination.china mobile crusher:

Nowadays, the development of secondary tailing beneficiation is pretty rapid. The crushing machine and grinding machine produced by Henan Hongxing, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and sand maker, can be used to grind tailing and secondary ore beneficiation which is able to separate the nonferrous metal and rare metal (vitriol, titanium, cobalt and scandium) from the ore tailing. Meanwhile, the research and application of regarding tailing or chats as building material has been undergone for 20 years. Chats and tailings can be used for ballast of highway or railway and coarse aggregate of concrete. Various tailings are used as material of unfired tailing brick, building blocks, square brick, paving brick and new type wall material. Some plants turn the tailing into ceramic wall, floor tile, tile and lightweight material. In addition, many tailings can act as good cement material and form tailing cement series.