The Bahai House of Worship, which is popularly called the Lotus temple, is situated in the capital city of India, New Delhi. A prominent tourist attraction of Delhi in the present times, the Lotus Temple was completed in 1986. Like every Bahai House of Worship, the Lotus Temple is also open to all, regardless of the religion and beliefs held by one.

The Lotus Temple is a prime example of the Bahai laws that emphasize that the spirit of the House of Worship should be one where people of all religions may worship God without any sort of denominational restrictions. These laws also lay down specifications that only the holy scriptures of the Bahái Faith as well as other religions can be read or chanted inside the temple. These many be in any language and while readings and prayers can be musical (sung by choirs), no musical instruments are allowed to be played inside. Additionally no sermons or ritualistic ceremonies can be undertaken in a Bahai House of Worship. The Lotus temple is no exception to this rule.

The Lotus Temple has been constructed along some architectural elements, common to all Bahai Houses of Worship. As such an essential architectural trait of a House of Worship is a nine-sided circular shape. Though almost all of the Bahai Houses of Worship have a dome, it is not an essential part of the architecture. The Bahai scripture forbids depiction of pictures, statues or images within the House of Worship and there are no pulpits or altars as well.

The Lotus Temple is modeled after the Lotus flower and is composed of 27 free standing marble petals, which are arranged in groups of three to make nine sides. All the nine doors of the Lotus Temple lead to a central hall slightly more than 40 meters tall which can hold around 2,500 people. The white marble for the surface of the House of Worship has been sourced from the Penteli Mountain in Greece, and the whole premise of Lotus Temple consists of 26 acres. Designed and overseen by Iranian architect named Fariborz Sahba, the Lotus Temple was open to public worship in December 1986. Ever since, the Lotus Temple has been visited by more than 50 million visitors, making it one of the most visited buildings in the world.

The Lotus Temple has won numerous architectural awards and been featured in hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles all over the world. A modern architectural wonder, the Lotus temple is a must see destination if one is visiting Delhi. It is easily accessible and open all through the year. Those who wish to spend some quite some remembering God, the Lotus Temple is an ideal choice.

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