A good coupon tip you should use is to do all of your shopping at the end of the month. Most stores have it so that their coupons expire at the end of the month. Shopping during this time will make it more convenient for you to get the best deals.

When you are going to venture into extreme couponing you have to be an extremely organized person. That is the key to this game. You must keep all of your coupons on file and know what you have, even if you have to write down what you have or keep them on a spread sheet.

Buy several copies of your local Sunday paper. By utilizing this technique you will get multiple copies of the coupons you use most at a very affordable price. In addition to purchasing several copies, you can also ask friends or family members who do not use coupons to save their coupon inserts for you.

One key tip for anyone who collects coupons is to never throw away those coupons you get in the mail. You can actually get some great value in these coupons, particularly with fast food restaurants. Make sure that you at least glance over them before throwing anything away in the garbage.

Purchase a good quality binder for all of your coupons. You will need to purchase several sheet protectors to hold your coupons. In addition to sheet protectors you will also need dividers to organize your binder. Use these dividers for each type of coupon or each aisle in your grocery store.

What counts the most on most coupons that you use is the bar code on it. If you tear up the barcode then at least make sure that the cashier can read the numbers for the coupon so that you can get your savings. If you don’t do this then you might not be able to get your discount.

Read the small print of a coupon. For instance, you may get a coupon for a dollar off your favorite food. But when you see the fine print, you may realize you have to buy two to save the dollar. It can be hassle to get to the checkout only to figure out it is not such a good deal after all.

Use your printer! There are multiple major websites that allow you to print coupons. For most, you just type in your zip code to get coupons specific for your area. These sites also have coupon codes for use with online purchases. Never make an online purchase without checking to see if you can get it for less!

Do your research about each store’s coupon policy. In order to save the most amount of money at your favorite stores, it is best that you speak with them concerning their coupon policy. You would hate to start collecting all these coupons thinking you are saving money, then you go to the store only to find out they don’t accept them.

When using your coupons, try to find stores that will double or triple them. Some stores do this on a regular basis, while others offer special offers for a particular week or weekend. By doing this, you can save twice as much on your purchases. Just keep your eye on the local newspapers to find out who is offering doubles or triples and when.

Some stores offer coupons after you make purchases on items. So ask a cashier to see what items offer coupons for you after you make a purchase, that way you can buy those items. There are a ton of items that you might regularly buy that offer coupons after you purchase them.

While you might be focusing on printed coupons and coupons from store circulars, don’t forget coupon codes for shopping online. Many online retailers release coupon codes for free shipping, a percentage of your order or other deals. Subscribe to mailing lists and retailers social media pages to get these codes.

Do not waste your time going from store to store in order to save money on a particular item by using a coupon. While you may think of this as getting more for your money, the reality is that you will spend more on wasted gas than you will have saved with the coupon.

In conclusion, any shopper who is looking to save money can benefit from using coupons, as long as they are aware of how to use them properly. Now that you have read the above article, you should be more knowledgeable about coupons. Use these tips to begin saving money right away.

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