Each major production accidents are related to our carelessness on the details maintenance of the machine in the daily life. Production safety is not just paying lip service, must put to action. Rotary dryer is prone to displacement phenomenon in the production process, so we should do the daily maintenance more carefully. Here are two methods to prevent displacement of the rotary dryer.

Rotary Dryer is used to dry materials like limestone, slag, clay, etc. It can be used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and cement industry. The dryer is mainly made up of rotary barrel, material lifting plate, transmission device, support device, seat ring, etc. The dryer has advantage of scientific structure, good craftsmanship, high capacity, low consumption and easy maintenance.

Hongxing experts will tell you how to solve the displacement of rotary dryer:

First, when the displacement of rotary dryer cylinder appears, the cylinder belt will tilted walk on the side of supporting wheel, instead of parallel transport. This phenomenon is generally the result of wear between the wheel belt and supporting wheel, which damages the balance of cylinder installation angle (normally 5 degree). So we can adjust the angle of any set of supporting wheel according to the rotation direction of cylinder. In this way the cylinder can return to normal.

Second, use this method when the cylinder displacement is not big. When the cylinder moves down, we need to inwards parallel move the after supporting wheel, and appropriately increase the rear of cylinder. Improve less than 8 degrees till reset. We can improve the after supporting wheel to increase the contact areas between the supporting wheel and belt, and then move the cylinder back to reset. When the cylinder moves up, we can inwards parallel adjust the front supporting wheel. To a service-oriented brand integrity. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, like mobile crusher, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. Early on, the rotary dryer in China was used only for environmental protection. As science and technology develop, the rotary dryer gradually branched out to limestone calcining. It made a significant contribution to cement industry, building materials industry, mining industry, environmental protection industry, etc. The development of rotary dryer will develop in stride with the development of industry.

At present, the rotary dryer manufacturers are countless. Of course, the rotary dryers are somewhat different. Due to technology differences, equipment produced by some manufactures cannot endure long normal operation because of low qualification rate and short service life. Therefore, customers should take corporate strength and technology into consideration when buying equipment. We guarantee that Henan Hongxing Machinery will never fall you. No matter how excellent you are in one field, please don’t fell so confident, because you cannot imagine when and where there will be appearing one person whose characteristics are supreme and outstanding just like the sun in the sky, just do the rotary dryer, so the continuously innovation can make it stand on the top of the same field

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