One of the finest attractions of the royal city of Udaipur, City Palace is a beautiful complex full of fine architecture built by the Maharana Udai Singh, after whom the city is named. Set by the east bank of the beautiful Lake Pichola, City Palace is a large complex that has several palaces within its premises.

City Palace is the largest of its kind in the state and is also one of the most flamboyant one in the state. The architectural finesse of City Palace is famous all over for its fine blend of Rajasthani and Mughal style of architecture and is visited by architecture enthusiasts and even casual tourists for its splendor.

Set atop a hill, City Palace is also known for the spectacular view it offers of Lake Pichola and the entire Udaipur with its majestic palaces and lofty havelis that dominate the landscape of this city. The important structures that can be seen from the City Palace include the beautiful Lake Palace on Lake Pichola, now an ultra luxurious hotel, the Jag Mandir, situated on another island in the lake, the Jagdish Temple situated close to the palace, the Monsoon Palace atop a nearby hillock and the Neemach Mata Temple.

Maharana Udai Singh who built this palace also built the entire city along with the City Palace. The largest palace complex in the state, the City Palace is replete with the royal history of Rajasthan.

When Maharana Udai Singh inherited the Mewar kingdom at Chittor, wars with the Mughals had already weakened their control over the Chittor fort. Following this he moved the capital from Chittoor to Udaipur and built the City Palace by the Lake Pichola. The main reason for choosing this location was because the lake, the Aravali Hills and the surrounding forests gave the site the much needed protection in needed. In fact it is believed that the location for this complex was recommended by a hermit who happened to meet Maharana Udai Singh during one of his hunting expeditions in the Udaipur Hills. On spotting a hermit meditating atop a hill above the Pichola Lake, Maharana Udai Singh sought his blessings and asked for his help in selecting a place to build his palace complex. The hermit told Maharana that the palace complex should be established at the very spot they met atop the hill.

City Palace is a beautiful complex comprising of 11 majestic palaces that were built by different rulers over a long period of time. These palaces resemble one another despite the fact they were built under the rule of different rulers. These palaces are adorned by beautiful paintings, antique furniture and ornamental tiles that feature lavishly here.

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