With the growing size of the markets and the increasingly higher requirements of customers, the mining machinery industry had to set out the new standards to adapt to the rapid development of mining machinery industry, so the new standards for mining machinery industry come into being. They are green, efficient and intelligent.
Green is the trend of the times. For the purpose of environmental protection and energy saving, it is the best choice to use the green raw materials to produce the mining machinery equipment, which can be recycled, with the least pollution to the environment. We believed in that the green wind will drive the research and development strength of the mining machinery industry to a new height.
High efficiency is the secret to seize the heart of the customers. No matter for the small coal mines or the large scale concentrator, the equipments with strong processing ability, high working efficiency, and low energy consumption are urgent. The equipment with high efficiency not only can save the resources, improving the utilization of resources, but also can promote the technological innovation of the mining machinery equipment in an even better fashion.
The mining machinery equipment is a kind of equipment with high technological content and high degree of integration. With the continuous injection of new technology in the field of materials science and information technology, the development of mining machinery industry increasingly tends to be intelligent. Take the mobile crusher produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. as an example. This mobile crusher uses the PLC technology and touch screen control, so the operator can intensively control the mobile crusher, and monitor the vibration and temperature of the equipment bearing and the unit hydraulic cylinder oil pressure of cone crusher in long distance, saving time and effort.
Therefore, future mining machinery industry will practice green, efficient, intelligent new standard, achieving the major equipment being produced in large scale.

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