The following is the characteristics and classification of double teeth roll crusher. The common crushers that have been put into use in the various industries include jaw breaker, cone crushers, impact crushing machine and teeth roll crusher and so on. Teeth roll crusher is a traditional kind of broken machinery, it’s main crushing effect is chipping. Compared with other types of crushing machine, it is featured with the following characteristics:
(1) The energy consumption in the crushing process is small;
(2) The degree of the over crushed (pulverized) is small and the shape of the finished products are cube;
(3) Simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance and repair; low cost.
Based on the above advantages, double teeth roll crusher has been applied to many industrial sectors, especially in the coal preparation plant.
Double teeth roll crusher is a kind of important equipment, which is used for the crushing of bitumite, coal (containing less gangue) and shale. The double teeth roller crusher is mainly used for the coarse broken of raw coal, whose particle size is more than 50mm; it is also used for the secondary crushing of the raw coal. The main working bodies of the double teeth roll crusher are the two rotating scalloped rollers. There are teeth, ribs and troughs on the surface of the rotating scalloped rollers. The materials are broken by standing the chipping role (main crushing method) of the two rollers after the material is brought into the crushing space by the scalloped rollers. And then the broken materials are discharged from the following discharge opening.
According to the number of teeth roll, the teeth roller crusher can be divided into single tooth roll crusher, double teeth roll crusher and multi-teeth roll crusher. In the production process, the single tooth roll crusher and double teeth roll crusher are widely used in the industries. The single tooth roll crusher used in the coal preparation plant often adopts long roller teeth and it is mainly suitable for primary crushing; the roller teeth of the double teeth roller crusher is generally shorter, which is suitable for secondary crushing.