At the same time, rejects the valley of Yin in a remote, a group of rich dark is suddenly mobile, fast by the steep ravines and leaveRed sky is a face of helpless, shaking his head with a sigh, “I have block north hades hurt, but now it’s a two day a strong will that boy beats by dre died, I forced out, will face two days a the strong. In particular, the two people are in a state of extreme anger at this time, I in, afraid…”

“Teacher, aren’t you afraid of them?” Left the head, hem way.

“Little poem” WuYunLian suddenly make noise, sigh a way: “red clouds also of helpless, Mr. With the sir’s strength, and even face two days a stronger, also can leisurely leave. But Mr. A is worried about us! Don’t you still not understand?”

The left one leng, the half ring, just say: “can do ah, if albitite, stone dead grandfather must be sad dead.”

“Can’t, he can only when making blessing.” WuYunLian Diane eyebrow deep locks, shook his head, is very doubt: “how possibility? The boy what albitite may kill off for the north ho ho? North for double WuHun have, and in the territory of the hook, what on earth is the matter?”

Red sky is also a full face don’t understand, in the heart but guess is probably in the secretly singular space’s sake.

In it, he finally come out of time, clearly see from day with a light beam in the body of the albitite, let the body of the light beam albitite disappearing, see not, and he suspected everything and the singular space relation.


Red sky light shout a voice, suddenly aware of what, surprised way: “there is treasure, what if there must be the guy got hurt and that day, north hades so nasty looking for a man not a albitite, there must be this reason.”

“Red sky, I had made the go. From today on, you my enemy off.” At  suddenly and red clouds claws conclude a greeting, immediately word and hurried to the off the periphery of the essay to fly away.

“Claw toki” red clouds with a shout.

“What?” Peter claw back, not resistant to way.