In today’s world when a lot of time, efforts and money is going into interior designing and getting a classy and minimalistic look there are a number of things that a house owner might need but has no place to keep them. Moreover when you have children in the house the things sometimes seem to multiply. Skateboard, cycles, fishing equipment, gardening and electrical equipment to name a few things which might take a lot of space inside the house.

So, to keep these necessary items which are again quite expensive you’ll require a proper space which should be sturdy, safe and can be constructed easily. Just to accommodate these items going in for extensions is not such a good idea considering the expenses and aesthetics involved. So, shed is the answer to all these problems. Building a shed takes care of

•Storing equipments
•Keeping your house more organized
•Giving a place to the children to do activities like pottery, carpentry, etc.

While deciding on a shed the market is flooded with varieties. Depending on your needs, requirements and finance you can opt for wooden, plastic, vinyl or steel sheds. Most of these sheds are coming in easy to assemble kit. Generally in rural people opt for wooden sheds because wood is readily available and looks natural. But you should checkout if the wood is properly seasoned with or not and go in for termite treatment. These shed though look good are expensive to maintain and require regular     looking after.

Now mostly people are opting for plastic, vinyl or steel sheds. Of these three steel sheds are more durable. The galvanized plates are very strong and as it doesn’t corrode easily maintenance is easy and in the long run it becomes cost-effective. Moreover for the safety of your equipments, cycles etc. which these days have become very expensive, steel sheds are a good choice.

Now that we have seen how steel is becoming the first option while building the shed why can’t we think of steel buildings? Whenever we think of steel we think grey and steel buildings are generally taken as sheds, aircrafts hangers, huge structures in malls and office buildings.

When one thinks of a building he/she thinks of brick, mortar and wood, but with the coming of modern age when people want the best of both worlds – higher quality and cost effectiveness with limited space which also should be pleasing to the eyes the steel becomes the number one choice for most builders and architects.


•Superior quality
•Strength and durability
•Lesser re-roofing requirement
•Maintenance is relatively easy
•Effective in all weather conditions, including snowfall, earthquake etc.
•Fire resistant
•As parts of the building are pre-fabricated the cost of manual  labor is less
•Modern design feature like high gloss finish, flexibility makes it easy for the architects to design the interior
•The materials used can be recycled
•Renovation is equally easy to suit your changing needs
•Most of the manufactures give you a long term guarantee sometimes up to thirty years
•Insurance coverage is less

Now when you know all the advantages why settle for anything else?

Justin Broomhead Sales & Marketing Director of SUPERSHED , a leading shed supplier NSW and a complete source for Industrial building ,pre-engineered buildings , Industrial shed, Commercial steel shed, steel shed and Farm shed.