From time to time you’ll call on a company that has a Better Business Bureau sticker in it’s window or the logo on its website. That means that the organization is a member from the BBB and actively participates within the quality assurance programs how the Bureau uses. The BBB is the actual entity that consumers visit when they have complaints about the way a company will business. When you visit the actual BBB website, you will see a study for each company and a list of any complaints against the company. This can be a great resource for consumers to make use of when they are trying to decide whether or not to work with a new company.

The Better Business Bureau responds to complaints from consumers against any organization. A company does not have to be a BBB member for that Bureau to open a file and follow up on a complaint. The advantage that companies have in voluntarily becoming a member of the BBB is they get profiles which rate the organization higher if there are no complaints. A company that doesn’t have any complaints against it but isn’t a member of the BBB will not show up online. A company that has only complaints against it will show up as a problem organization. But a company that joins the BBB and does not have any complaints will get a high rating.

One of the biggest advantages for consumers who use the Better Business Bureau is that they’ll see the details of the way the company responds to issues. The website will list just how many complaints have already been filed, the nature of each complaint and the way the company responded. If you see a company with a lot of complaints that have gone unresolved, then that is not the kind of company you want to do business with. The BBB acts like a warning to consumers to prevent certain companies that allow us a reputation for being dishonest.

The important thing to remember about the is that not every company listed is there because it has complaints against it. You need to read the website and pay attention to its information to get the type of data you need to determine whether or not you want to do business with a specific organization. It can be your own protection against companies that have developed a history associated with deceiving consumers.

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