Reporter from China jewelry jade  china jewelry fashion wholesale industry association to understand, 2008 China international jewellery fair will be held on November 11, in the China international exhibition center (old both) the curtain. This exhibition by the China jewelry jade jewelry industry association and the ministry of land and resources jewelry jade jewelry management center jointly, is the most large, the scale highest jewelry exhibition, this year attracted a total of 12 countries and regions 586 enterprises exhibitors.

The world’s biggest jadeite jade exhibition

Chinese jewelry jade industry association display department consultant LiuShuQin said, “this year the most striking is jadeite jade exhibition hall, there is 634 booths 256 jadeite jade class exhibitors exhibition, the data a 15% increase over 2007, it can be said that this year the jewellery jadeite jade exhibition is the nation and even the world’s largest professional jadeite jade exhibition.”

Reporters also learned that the gem is exhibited pooled domestic jadeite jade industry’s most top enterprise and Hong Kong famous jade brand, such as colorful yunnan, jade jade mountain villa, jade dragon mountain villa, the east XiaoMing, food hundred, Oriental JinYu, zhao instrument jade, Hong Kong health benefit and cui treasure etc big enterprise will be at the conference coefficient debut.

LiuShuQin also said that Taiwan hall to the design in the emerald Mosaic jewelry is the largest jewellery on one of the stories, this year the Olympic MEDALS gold to inset jades driven gold to inset jades adorn article tide also very grab an eye, consumers at the appointed time can watch.

Gem is exhibited main design auxiliary zone identification

Because of this year is the 30th anniversary of reform and opening-up, jewelry jade jewelry association according to people from 80 s heavy material and heavy component into is no longer satisfied with the product material quality, begin to pay attention to the unique style design and fashionable process characteristics, in this session of jewelry show in the main design and originality, to the jewelry designer structures show work platform.

According to the treasure of the display department introduces, this exhibition with push masters and the couple, respectively they set a different area, excellent works will be in jewelry exhibition on display during continuous. The couple works mainly concentrated in tiangong award winning entries exhibit, winning entries from more than 1400 pieces of the selected at 300 pieces of works by experts chosen gold, silver, bronze and single segment, this area is our country jewelry design show the strength of the new stage.

At the same time, the exhibition will also develop master exhibition, the plan will be displayed in LiuZhongRong, Wu should articles and other 16 jade carving master new works, the treasure association said, and set up the master galleries can let the audience close appreciate the master works.

In the interview reporter also learned that a lot of jewelry interested audience have mentioned the want to know during the exhibition “value-added services” and exhibits purchase problem, for this, zhongbao association display department of the person in charge said that in jewelry exhibition period, the national jewelry jade jewelry quality supervision and inspection center will be on the spot for exhibition for identification and consultation, “this exhibition facing the public, and took a fancy to can direct and merchants to buy, buy after can also field evaluation,” one-stop “service is to want to let everybody see more happy, buy the rest assured.