The dry mixed mortar (also named mortar powder material), refers to the dry sieve processing aggregate. It is one of the most important building raw materials and is widely used in construction and decoration project. Now Hongxing experts will introduce the main ingredients of the dry mixed mortar in detail.
The main ingredients of the dry mixed mortar have four types.
The first one is the Inorganic adhesive, which mainly includes the silicate cement, high-alumina cement, special cement, plaster, anhydrite and others.
The second is the organic adhesive, which mainly includes the cement mortar is the material which is hard, crumbly and has poor flexibility. In modern constructions, it must use polymer to change the mortar and to satisfy requests of construction.
The third one is the aggregate. Most of the aggregate is quartz sand in normal size, limestone sand or dolomitic sand, etc. Generally speaking, it uses the lightweight aggregate.
The last one is the additives, which has two main kinds.
1. Cellulose ether is used as thickener and water retaining.
2. Other additives are as follows. The starch ethers use to increase consistency of mortar. The air entraining agent brings micro-bubbles by the physique function and reduces the density of mortar, it’s good for construction. The rate of sulfuric acid sodium salt and sodium is 0.01%-0.06%. The coagulant is used to require the times of condense. Calcium formate is used always, and the proportion is 0.5%-2.5%. The retarder is used mainly in gypsum plaster and gypsum-based filler, the main is acid salts, and the proportion is usual 0.05%-0.25%. The water repellent can avoid the water infiltrateing into mortar, at the same time, the mortar contain open to spread of vapor, it uses mainly hydrophobic polymer to distribute powder, it isn’t washed after many years by the rain .so the useful time is more long ,it raise the adhesion between the sclerotic mortar and the basic material. The super plasticizer is used mainly in the self-leveling dry-mixed mortar.
With the wide use of the dry mixed mortar, the production of dry mixed mortar gets more and more attention. The crushing equipments such as jaw crusher, cone crusher and so on are useful dry mixed mortar producing equipments. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional crushing equipments manufacturer in China. If you want to get more information, please contact Hongxing Company.
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