Spring cone crusher eccentric kit has a tapered eccentric hole, eccentric sets turns a circle, the body and the spindle also followed an eccentric trajectory. Spring cone crusher spindle bushing filler fixed the eccentric sets of eccentric inner hole to provide a bearing surface for the spindle. The pressure mounted and keyed in the eccentric sleeve top gear is driven by the drive shaft on the pinion, the eccentric sleeve spring cone crusher rack rotates with up. Spring cone crusher the eccentric sleeve ministry by placed in the the rack bottom cover thrust bearing plate support. This group thrust plate or thrust bearings to reduce wear of the eccentric sleeve. Size gear backlash may increase or decrease the thrust bearing plate shims to adjust.
Spring cone crusher thrust bearings and eccentric sleeve assembly instructions:
Due to transportation, from the spring cone crusher remove the the eccentric sleeve ministry, this part can be installed following these steps:
1, the appropriate thickness of the thrust bearing plate gasket is placed in the end of the rack of spring cone crusher cover.
2, the the copper thrust bearing plate with a special tool on the thrust bearing plate gasket Note card slot aligned with the bottom cover for the lug.
3, the top of a press-fit pin steel thrust bearing plate against the eccentric sleeve at the bottom of the pin fully into the core hole spring cone crusher eccentric sleeve. And check with a shoulder thrust plate is located in the center of the eccentric sleeve. Application-specific tool steel thrust bearing plate eccentric sleeve solid joint, be careful not to make a dedicated boom protruding steel thrust bearing plate face.
4, eyebolt screwed spring cone crusher eccentric sleeve, the eccentric sleeve slowly the rack hanging into the hole and smooth on the lower thrust bearing plate.
5, confirm normal spring cone crusher size gear meshes with each other in the correct position. By increasing or reducing the number and thickness of the gasket in the lower thrust bearing plate, the adjusting gear meshing gap until it is qualified in accordance with the tooth side and the top clearance provisions.