Some drummers find it difficult to make progress because they’re not exercising correctly. You need to focus on exercising the best things. It’s possible to get more out of a well spent thirty minute practice session than you can get out of two hours ill spent.Many drummers do not practice, therefore much because they “play”. It’s very important to realize that there is a difference. Generally we will just sit at the drum kit and play things that we already know just. This is fun, and it could be useful for developing skills. But, it is difficult to enhance and learn new skills when you usually exercise things you already know.The following is just a list of things which you can perhaps work on while practicing at your drum set.Drum Sticks: Be sure that you use the same type of sticks while practicing that you use while playing.Holding The Drum Sticks: Focus on holding the sticks precisely. That should be performed before you discover anything else.Height Of The Drum Sticks: After you hit the drum you should let the jump back up. Enable the left and right stick to bounce up to the same level. Start with the twigs greater for a harder swing and lower for a smoother stroke.Use a metronome: You’re a drummer and it’s your job to help keep the band over time. Always training with a Rudiments: Learn your rudiments. They’re an extremely useful tool.Make Drum Practice A Habit: Don’t get sluggish together with your training. Keep it up!Be a perfectionist: Make sure that you work with issues until they’re at a top level.Variety: Make your drum training interesting with the addition of interesting rhythms, songs and exercises.