This article will talk about the structure of the 900 × 700 impact breaker. In terms of the structure of the roller and the spring safety device, there is no difference between the impact crusher and the roll crusher. However, the roller shaft of the impact crusher is supported at the automatic aligning sliding bearing. The transmission means of the impact crusher is composed by two motors, two reducers and two sets of pulleys drive.

According to the national development plan, building the resource-saving and environment-friendly society should adhere to the principle that both development and economizing are important but give economizing priority. Under the current environment, the demand for energy is more urgent. It is expected that in 2020 the total investment in new energy will be more than 3 trillion Yuan with the launch and adjustment of the relevant policies, which will boom mine construction and grinding mill equipment market.

For building industry, impact crusher is the important equipment which is produced by steel frame. The impact crusher is essentially composed of the overlap of two double roll crushers with the same specifications.

The motor drives the rotation of the rollers by the reducer and the coupling. One of the motors drives the rotation of the roller at the top right, while the other motor drives the rotation of the roller at the bottom left.

Since the travel direction of the movable bearing is perpendicular to the travel direction of the belt drive, the variation of the tensile force is not large when the movable bearing moves. After the materials are crushed by the upper and lower rollers, they are discharged out of the machine from the lower part. There are two sets of cutting device which is made of the turning roll skin. When there are grooves and scallops on the surface of the roller after is worn, you do not need dismantle the roll skin, because you can directly use the cutting device to trim the roller by using the cutting device to ensure the smoothness of the surface of the roll skin surface and reduce the number of stop time to improve the operation rate of the machine.

For the current mining machinery manufacturing enterprises, most of them are changing from specialization to one particularly many ability. They pay more attention to the national policy and market demand, getting markets through new theory, new technology and new service concept.

The other end of the spindle of each roller is equipped with a pulley. The pulley of the right upper roller drives the pulley of the right lower roller so that the right upper roller rotates. The lower left roller pulley drives the pulley of the upper left roller so that the upper left roller can rotate.

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