Sunday Feb 20 The Moon slips out of picky-picky Virgo in to relaxed Libra at 1:01 am. Two days of trying to balance, and friendly argument. Moon in Libra is one of many best situations for social get-togethers. Today is mentally strong but positive. Avoid those with totally selfish plans. The Unusual 3 world conjunction of Mercury, Mars, and Neptune in Aquarius will open the road to new ideas that catch fire, along side some too obscure to pin down. Have your dream diary practical tonight.Monday your energy Do not be wasted by Feb 21 attempting to workout really contradictory objectives today. Mercury adopts Pisces for a couple weeks rendering it hard to get the proper words in some recoverable format. Currently is good for getting your feelings across without having to explicitly say it.Tuesday Feb 22 Set your nooky alert and begin early with play on this, your power time. You’re strong. The Moon leaves lazy Libra for tricky Scorpio at 1:29 this morning. You awake with the thought of getting things done. Today ease up and use a more sensitive hand.Wednesday Feb 23 Today a little good back patting or back scratching assists things suit shared goals.Thursday Feb 24 An excellent time for exploring new ideas, and new experiences. The Moon goes from extreme Scorpio to party moment Sagittarius at 4:46 am for just two days of loyalty unintentionally falling out in clumps of one’s mouth, making an excellent laugh. If you are a secret owner watch out for foot in mouth infection. Some emotional mis-understanding is possible today, therefore believe, before expressing it to your lover.Friday Feb 25 May possibly the force be with you today as tips come a mile-a-minute. Be calm and form the gems to be found by them. When you have a goal, and act like it, the group will part for you.Saturday Feb 26 Everyone’s a little edgy, so prevent these little catfights. The Moon switches into Capricorn at 11:32 am for just two days of getting serious. Suck it up and no crying until Tuesday.Next up: some different elements for the week of the 27th.* All situations are Pacific – add 3 hours for Eastern time.

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