Fossil fuels have supplied electric power and heat, along with gasoline for our cars, for years. We’re using considerably greater amounts than before, so it’s really no wonder that people question if we are going to exhaust the supplies. Obviously, it is hard to tell precisely how much is available as the majority is still underground and it is difficult to determine who is telling the truth. It definitely is true, that the pollution that is caused from making use of fossil fuels is causing problems for our world. By choosing green energy sources, people can help to create a better planet.

Maybe it is not easy to change from fossil fuels to green energy overnight, but even learning to use them together will start to make things better. While it’s absolutely possible that we do not have sufficient green energy to meet all the world’s energy needs, we absolutely need to do something instead of nothing. Picture how our world would change if hybrid cars or trucks replaced those fueled by gas. Whenever a vehicle uses an alternative fuel, less pollution is made. Nothing dangerous is created by the various green sources of energy, like hydro-power, wind, solar, geothermal or wave, and the environment doesn’t receive any adverse effects from them.

When energy is supplied by a nuclear power plant or coal, the exact opposite occurs. Coal plants release carbon dioxide into the air, which might not seem to be a problem except that more than 50,000 coal plants are operating worldwide. This number is estimated to grow in the future, which will only make things a whole lot worse. While no harmful substances are introduced into the environment by the majority of nuclear power plants, the disposal of nuclear waste is a crucial issue. However, if there is an accident, it is just the beginning of many issues. Green sources of energy probably are not without their own challenges, but they are cheaper to maintain than conventional means, and in the end, they’ll save money in operational expenses.

One superb reason to make use of green sources of energy is that they are renewable. In case the sun no longer shine, life as we know it shall be over in any case. Certain areas don’t get a lot of wind, but there are other places where it blows all the time, so they would be great for wind power. As soon as the fossil fuels have been depleted, new energy sources will be needed so it’s wise to find solutions now and not pass this issue on to our children and grandchildren. There are solutions for addressing the energy issues we face, but yet there has been mainly talk and not much action.

Speaking about our environmental problems, or running out of fossil fuels, doesn’t mean much, unless something can be done about it. More than likely, nothing will happen if we leave it up to the individual. It will only happen the moment governments and big businesses make it happen.

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