Analyzing from the energy-saving ball mill grinding process, the main reason that caused the low energy saving ball mill grinding efficiency can be attributed to two aspects:
The first aspect is the impact of the energy-saving ball mill drum speed.
According to industrial standard, the energy saving ball mill drum speed should be within one minute 41 rpm. This is because that if the energy saving ball mill drum speed is too fast, the ball attached to the energy saving ball mill turn barrel can not fall from a high level in a timely manner, which would not achieve the ball grinding function. If the energy saving ball mill drum speed is too low, which will make the falling speed of the ball too slow, and then affect the energy saving ball mill efficiency, at the same time would not achieve the purpose of grinding the ore thoroughly.
The second aspect is that the energy saving ball mill loading is unreasonable.
The steel balls assembly ratio in energy saving ball mill drum is 3:3:3 proportions loading, that is to say, the large, medium and small ball ratio should peer. Energy saving ball mill turns the barrel ball wear to a certain extent. It is necessary to replenish the larger ball, and the medium and small ball can not supplement!
Then how to choose the proper ball diameter is also important to improve the energy saving ball mill efficiency. This should be based on the diameter and length of the energy saving ball mill. If the drum diameter is large, you should choose a large-diameter steel ball, and if the drum diameter is small, you should choose a small diameter steel ball filling. Energy saving ball mill grinding is achieved through the steel ball, and the ball size selection is appropriate or not a great influence on the grinding process. When the ball diameter and particle size of ore suitable crushing force precision, the crushing effect is often rupture from the weakly bound to the crystal interface, which will not only saves the energy consumption, but also increases the selectivity of the mineral dissociation. The highest energy saving ball mill efficiency is affected by the ball diameter grinding efficiency and appropriate size. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional energy saving ball mill manufacturer in China, which mainly provides the ceramic ball mill and energy saving ball mill for users.
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