1. The oil temperature is too high
Reasons : the poor oil quality; insufficient oil; bearing gets damaged.
Remedies: changing the oil; refueling; or replacing the bearings.
2. After the starting up of the oil pump, the oil pressure is low or there is no oil flow of the indicator.
Reasons :the oil temperature is low ; the oil tubing is blocked or the oil pump is not working properly.
Remedies : heating to raise the oil temperature; repairing the pipelines or oil pump.
3. The oil temperature and oil pressure rise.
Reasons : the oil tubing or the oil groove is blocked; the safety valve has malfunction.
Remedies: stopping the cone crusher to check and repair.
4.Oil contains a large number of fine mud and impurities.
Reasons: sealed dust-proof device has failure; the blockage and leak of the water pipe cause the lack of water.
Remedies: stopping the cone crushers to re-sealed or conduct clean maintenance and replace the oil.
5. The vibration of the cone crusher is strong and the moving cone suddenly spin faster
Reasons: the poor lubrication makes the spindle be tightened by the bushing; movable cone sink or the thrust bearing of the spherical is damaged; tapered bushing moves upward and the clearance between it and the spindle is insufficient.
Remedies: to replace damaged pieces based on the specific reasons; to overhaul oil pump and pipeline.

6. When crushing or idling, the cone crusher will produce audible sound of splitting.
Reasons : liner is loose ; the lining of the movable cone and fixed cone is not round, which causes the impact.
Remedies : stopping the cone crushers to check the screw fastening and the shedding of zinc coating. If the screws and earrings get damaged, the operators need to remove the adjustment ring and replace the screws and earrings; if the zinc coating falls off, re-casting the zinc coating; checking the degree of ovality of the liner, if necessary, conducting machining.