According to the acting way of the crushing force, the crushing machinery can be roughly divided into two categories:
(1) crusher
The crusher is usually used to handle the large block of materials, the particle size of the product is coarser, which is usually greater than 8 mm. The structure of the crushing machine is characterized by a certain gap between the crushing parts. The parts are not in contact with each other. In addition, the crusher can be divided into coarse crusher, intermediate crusher and fine crusher.
(2) ball mill.
Generally, the particle size of the materials to be processed by the grinder is relatively smaller, and the product granularity is fine-grained, which can be up to 0.074 mm, even more finer. Its structure is characterized by that the broken parts (or medium) come into contact with each other. The media that is in use includes steel balls, steel bars, gravel and so on.
However, as for some mining machinery, they have the function of crushing and grinding at the same time, such as the autogenous mill. Some certain kind of autogenous mill can process the materials whose ore particle size can be up to 350 to 400 mm to the top limit and the fineness of the products can reach about 40% -200 mesh.
The crushing machine among the mineral processing equipment is generally divided into six categories according to the crushing way and the structural characteristics, which includes the jaw breaker whose crushing role depends on that the movable jaw periodically presses the fixed jaw plate to crush the ore blocks between them and other type of crushing machine such as the disc mill which regards the rotating disk with vertical or horizontal axis as the crushing part; the centrifugal grinding machine which makes use of the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotating member and medium to complete the crushing effect; the vibrating grinding machine that uses the high-frequency vibration generated by the spindle to meke the medium and materials hit against with each other to complete the crushing effect and so on.
In a word, the various kinds of crushers with different specifications have different application range.