Strengthen the energy conservation management of key energy-consuming enterprises, improve energy saving transformation enthusiasm. Key energy-consuming enterprises to conduct energy audits, preparation of energy-saving plan and its implementation program, the shortcomings of the standard, the development of energy-saving goals, establish energy accountability, improve energy management system, measures of implementation Festival Awards ultra penalty. Countries take communique, check, checks, Bulletin, exchange, tracking, guidance and supervision of enterprise energy, energy efficiency level to meet the requirements of the relevant government departments shall be ordered deadline for correction.

Amend the energy efficiency regulations and standards to create a favorable external environment, and promote the implementation of the ten key energy conservation projects. The amended Energy Conservation Law, the adoption of legislation to establish a strict management system and perfect the responsibilities of various actors, strengthening policy incentives, clear law enforcement body, increase disciplinary efforts. Want to pay close attention to the development and improve the access standards of major energy-consuming industries energy consumption, energy-saving design specifications, the main energy-consuming industrial equipment, motor vehicles, construction, household appliances, lighting equipment and other standard run energy equipment energy efficiency standards, as well as public buildings. Various regions to study the development of the region’s major energy-consuming products and large public buildings energy consumption per unit limit. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as china magnetic separator, HXJQ is always doing the best in products and service.

Our country has stepped up government efforts to support the ten key energy conservation projects, the establishment of a multi-channel energy financing mechanisms. The new dry-type magnetic separator of our company adopt the beneficiation water election, a sludge sewage, savings of water resources. GXC-8180-type primaries machine, for example, the annual savings of 600,000 tons of water. Many ways to reduce the cost of consumption, and also eliminates the need for the production of a sewage treatment trouble. In addition, as the machine take dynamic magnetic system design, mineral aggregate in the surface of the roller slide, displacement and roll, drum nonstick material, conducive material sorting, primary grade can be increased by 1-4 times, once Picks grade up to 60% or more, the new dry magnetic separation machine not only reduce costs, improve utilization of raw materials, has long been the technological innovation of the magnetic separator market, another market in the past to create a low-energy and efficient mileage.

The dry magnetic separation machine that our company devoted themselves developed have the advantages of complete specifications, novel design, reliable performance, easy to operate, perfect testing methods and high quality after-sales service to ensure customers achieve maximum revenue with minimum investment, which is the ideal choice of the majority of investors.

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