For the large-scale water conservancy, especially the project with large quantity of concrete and high-strength, concrete aggregate processing has large scale. The manufactured sand production line can be separated with the coarse aggregate.

In the large-scale water conservancy, aggregate production always pays more attention. The new sand-making craft and the advanced equipment can improve greatly the reliability of manufactured sand, ensuring the product quality and saving the project investment.

Many large western hydropower projects in ‘Tenth Five-Year’ Plan will come into operation with the rapid development of the west regions in China,. In the proposed hydropower projects, the natural sand is quite lack. So it is inevitable to adopt the manufactured sand production line. For that, to research further the processing technology of artificial aggregate will be useful for improving the quality and benefits of engineering construction.

The manufactured sand can produce separately, and finish the automatic control, reduce the allocation of administrative staff. The product quality can achieve the real time monitoring by the computer and adjust spontaneously.

When the production scale of manufactured sand is less than 200t/h, and the aggregate quality in artificial stock ground is easy to control, it is suggested to think the drying way for production. In this case, it can not only save the total investment for the project, but also satisfy the environmental protection easily.

In a word, the manufactured sand production line in the future will aim at the quality control and cost saving. With the unceasing appearance of new equipment and the continuous perfection and maturity technology, it will play an improving role in the hydraulic engineering construction.

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