A car pulled in fire rhino carriage, above, and the heart shes sitting face-to-face, before the carriage, a dark man, was on fire with a whip rhino, facial expression focus.

“The song is friendly with barycenter at, attitude, the man of the house, so gentle outstanding generation is different.” In the carriage, et in silence for a while, suddenly way.

“Friendly? Mild?” Xia yan shook his head sneer at heart, “this song be friendly with barycenter at if there is no good, gentle!!!! This person calculated, in ancient home, but out of the name of the children of malicious Yin. Compared with the house of ho ho north north, this man all for more heavy, him kill time, also so friendly smile, see not out a little evil, may die in the bottom of his hand, and already there are hundreds beats by dre of!”

Face a albitite change.

“If I hadn’t imposing manner aggressive, active boarding, we both flatly cannot be easily leave.” Summer heart shes frowned. “just because I am the momentum of the pressure, and don’t be afraid of him behind him four nirvana kung fu practitioner, he was boarding heart has the courage, didn’t dare to make a move. Otherwise, we have to set a do not.”

“I see.” The gloomy face albitite, sneer at a way: “it seems that it along the way, we will not ShunDang, next time, met with barycenter at the song, I’ll be careful.”

“Well, you do have to be careful.” Summer look with heart yan, “with you of, can fix for the kill general the double hook, through the day. But, for practitioners of ancient jian song, but a difficult expected, he cut LongJian is that with a monster beast  fire after the monster crystal refinement and cricket, fire into context is a dragon, fire attributes, cut LongJianYan force burn easily amazing, flesh, you that the second phase of the petrochemical WuHun afraid to withstand the also.”

Above is also a face with, but can be eyes fighting spirit is boundless.

After heart shes glanced at his one eye, in the heart secretly nod, the guy seems to be no matter how to characters, all don’t know fear, only will inspire monstrous morale, indeed as expected is born practitioners, etc to Yang’s family in the future, get the undead rebirth tactic, don’t know he would be in the wind and waves? How much a endless.

“Underground crack of the iceberg, that the Monroe island, used to have an iceberg not to become?” Shizi was silent for a moment, suddenly way.

“Monroe island is the frequent volcanic island, greatly small volcanic ten to seat, each a volcano, every time. Also because magma will eruption so, three ShenJiao, old house, Oriental house without care about this piece, let some of the forces on the island practitioners control.” Summer heart shes explanation.

“Volcano place?” Shizi startled, wonder way: “that why the iceberg come out?”

“I don’t know. According to the truth, this land will never appear an iceberg, volcano can now but really appear, with a mysterious rune, is really strange strange.” Summer younger sister also heart wondering, gently shook his head.

“Interesting, no wonder there will be so much power to come to join in the fun.”


Freya mouth looked at her eyes and uncommon albitite teleport metersimmediately knew the realm of joining the true albitite, should be more than the strength of the show.

She look out after they met albitite, always did not reveal any fear of meaning, are clearly not afraid of them.

She also know they breed of fame is not good, general Terran practitioners, as long as they meet, will stay at a respectful distance from sb, dare not and they more bothersome.