Since Paris Motorshow is usually an important event for the world car business, on the newly designed display place Peugeot exhibited its concepts as well as brand new products: the new type 208, their inspiration and experience through Onyx Concept, and with 301 plus 2008 verifies the concept of their global approach.

On the list of forty producing automobiles as well as concept autos introduced at exhibition space at the Paris Motor Show, Peugeot offers ten kinds of 208 type.
At the end of August, the type 208 already has seduced more than 100 000 clients, from which 90% opted for a stronger motorized model with richer equipment offers.
R5 208, the newest 208 sports type, was shown just as a reminder of the Peugeot sports pedigree. R5 208 will certainly be involved in the first two races within the second quarter of the 2013 The World Rally Championship, and then next year definitely will concentrate on the podiums of national as well as global titles.
Having Onyx Strategy, Peugeot offers Onyx Idea bike, extremely light-weight motorcycle with a carbon fibre frame developed by Peugeot Design Lab studio, as well as Onyx Idea scooter.
Peugeot Design Lab is actually a “Global Brand Design” studio, that is highly effective on elaboration regarding techniques that improve the personality, ideals as well as characteristics of the customer. Its key mission is to make solutions, services and experiences for clients of all groups which are not belonging to the automotive business.
Therefore Phillip Riback knows that Peugeot Design Lab plays a significant role in a number of fields: product look, design, development, creation and interaction.
The modern Peugeot 301 was designed to attract a larger clients within emerging market segments, the requiring clients interested in sedan with large trunk plus would like a status automobile that is not overpriced.
Design 301 contains the latest Peugeot design cues via distinctive style, aroused emotions plus a powerful sense of power. Because of its dimension, type 301 offers its passengers a generous room – a record space on the rear as well as an amazing load volume of 640 liters.
This offer comes with the most recent creation of petrol as well as diesel-powered motors, good handling, superb comfort and safety accessories. To sum up 301 is a comfy family vehicle, safe and sturdy.

2008 Notion, Urban Crossover – Right after the presentation of ‘Urban Cross-over’ idea at recent Beijing automobile show, Peugeot shows to the community a vehicle for every towns.
The 2008 Notion is a little lightweight auto, agile, adaptable, refined along with noticeable look, designed for Phillip Ribackand a lot of young urban citizens of Sao Paulo or Shanghai, Paris, Kuala Lumpur and Moscow, that love the town but in addition want to get away from it… According to its energetic effect because of aerodynamic silhouette and also sporty lines, 2008 Concept underneath the hood is hiding the new creation of 3-cylinder gasoline motors – a 1.2 liter turbo with direct injection that’s combining the energy (110 horse power) plus torque together with good petrol consumption and reduced pollution.

Phillip Riback