wholesale jewelry in china show new fashion jewelry and accessories zone for the industry to create unlimited business opportunities by bo smell China co., LTD., of the China gold association and Shanghai trade fair to do the exhibition co., LTD. Jointly organized the 4th China (Shanghai) international gold jewelry jade exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai exhibition), will be held on nov. 27 to 30,, in the Shanghai exhibition center unveiled grand. Reviewing 2007 years of exhibition, the reaction enthusiastically, visit the number of buyers and all previous high, a total of 23 provinces and cities and autonomous regions, 48 countries and regions were 9133 buyers to. Continued success last year, the Shanghai exhibition attracted again from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and the United States and countries and regions of the enterprises exhibitors, become the second half of the east China area of an important international jewellery event. China is fashion jewelry and accessories industry of the main production base. In order to develop the huge domestic market, the China (Shanghai) international gold jewelry jade exhibition will add fashion jewelry and accessories zillah. At the appointed time, the provinces and cities and the exhibitors will gather exhibition for buyers to provide a series of design style is novel, the price is appropriate products to satisfy different customers’ needs. Shanghai release infinite charm of purchasing power in recent years, China fashion jewelry and accessories industry developed rapidly, especially in Shanghai this fashion, popular jewelry has become each ladies clingy tide necessities. As long as the match line to appropriate, even if a go black and white clothing, deserve to go up some fashion ornaments, can appear different. Fashion jewelry compared to jewelry, its price is relatively popular, most consumers can afford, is also popular bullish factor. Injection America and Europe pop elements make design innovation dazzing yiwu RanXue jewelry factory is an export-oriented enterprise, provide the production and trade of one-stop service. Manual production of Wholesale Rings china  products including necklace, hand refining, etc., the main buyers from Europe and the United States and Japan chain and wholesalers. Innovation, service supreme purpose win popular beer.
The product has unique style cater to different cultural taste sales object ShowShowShop is a creation of fashion accessories studio mainly. To adhere to the original thoughts, the trend of diversification of design for product selling points, and have a good business philosophy and credibility, for the general customers the high praise, please hand in the competition to stand out.