With the rapid development of science and technology, we find that the large scale crusher not only can improve the production efficiency, but also can reduce the energy consumption. Therefore, upsizing becomes the developing direction of crusher.
As we all know, for any beneficiation process, the mineral crushing process is necessary. From the mining and transporting process to the primary crushing and fine crushing process, only through all the beneficiation process, can we produce the effective raw material.
From the study, it is easy to find that most of the crushing job will lose at least 15% electrical energy and the loss amount is also showing an increasing trend in recent years. Therefore, how to reduce the energy consumption gets more and more attention. Hongxing experts give an advise of “more crushing and less grinding”, that is to say, rationally processing the feeding size, increasing the handling capacity in the crushing link and reducing the grinding effect for the mineral at the greatest extent. This will not only improve the handling capacity of the crusher, such as jaw crusher, Impact crusher, etc. but also can reduce the energy consumption, decrease the cost of investment, achieving the purpose of increasing the economic benefits.
With domestic crusher manufacturing enterprises developing towards the direction of high-tech and upsizing, the embarrassing situation that domestic large-scale mines can not find a suitable device will cease to exist. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional crushing equipments manufacturer and supplier in China, who can produce various crushing equipments with good quality and excellent performance. The crushing equipments produced by Hongxing Company have the obvious superiorities of small footprint, high economic efficiency of investment, high production, low energy consumption, easy operation, convenient maintenance, and so on. In addition, all the Hongxing crushing equipments are equipped with the advanced electronic control operating system, which ensures the whole working process is smooth, reliable, easy and safety.
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